Contributor List

  1. Alison Hennessee

    Alison Hennessee

    Alison Hennessee is a staff editor at RTC. She has a BA in English from Agnes Scott College and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maryland. Her interests include badly-behaved rabbits; wiggly food and food that makes noise; ugly babies in Renaissance art; and inventing coldblock, which is like sunblock, except it protects you from the cold.  

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  2. Agata Antonow

    Agata Antonow

    Agata found RTC through a serendipitous Web search and joined the company in the spring of 2015, when the world was full of promise (and pollen). 

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  3. Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons

    Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons

    Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons is a noted executive coach and consultant based in Northern California, specializing in narrative coaching, one of the most powerful training techniques in corporate life. She’s a pioneer in use of narrative coaching for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Among her clients over the course of her career: Hewlett-Packard, Sun, Intel, Brown-Forman, and Salesforce. Her 2013 book is widely used and admired: “Three Stories Leaders Tell: The What and Way of Using Stories to Lead.” Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Cavanaugh-Simmons was educated at San Francisco State University. Her website is

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  4. James G. Balestrieri

    James G. Balestrieri

    James G. Balestrieri is currently the CEO of Oconomowoc Residential Programs, Inc. (ORP). Jim has a passion for creatively addressing the needs of those with impairments by managing the inherent stress among funding, programming, and profitability. He believes that those with a disability enjoy rights and protections that were created by the hard-fought efforts of those who came before them; that the Civil Rights movement is not just for minority groups; and that people with disabilities have a right to find their place in the world and to achieve their maximum potential as individuals.

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  5. Liz Bauman

    Liz Bauman

    Liz Bauman is RTC's Master Transcriptionist, working quietly behind the scenes to help our authors tell their stories. 

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  6. Corey Blake

    Corey Blake

    Corey Michael Blake is the founder and president of Round Table Companies (RTC). He is the coauthor of "#Jump", "From the Barrio to the Board Room", "Mi Barrio", "Little Barrio",  "Edge! A Leadership Story", and "Edge! The Comic".

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  7. Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz

    Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz

    As a two-time cancer survivor, Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz is a regular guest on tv and radio who has spoken to hundreds of audiences nationwide. She is the author of The Little Book of Business Secrets that work!, The Fig Factor and Overcoming Mediocrity.

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  8. Geoff Campbell

    Geoff Campbell

    Geoff Campbell is a staff writer for Round Table Companies living in New Orleans. He has more than 30 years of writing experience including everything from wire service work to book writing. Prior to joining RTC he was an award-winning media writing instructor at the University of Texas at Arlington and an adjunct journalism instructor at Texas Christian University.

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  9. Luz Canino Baker

    Luz Canino Baker

    After a successful twenty-eight year banking career, Luz started her own business in 2007, LNC Coaching, LLC. Ms. Canino-Baker holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from DePaul University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Designing Your Life Plan is her first book. 

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  10. Toni L Coleman Carter

    Toni L Coleman Carter

    Toni L. Coleman Carter is an energetic Human Resources Consultant, for a global technology company who has worked in corporate America for 20 years and is the former deputy mayor for the Village of Hanover Park. She is the author of When Trouble Finds You and its companion workbook.

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  11. Shane Clester

    Shane Clester

    Shane Clester likes robots and ninjas. And has made a career out of drawing neither. A globe trotting jack-of-no-trades, he worked a virtual cornucopia of low paying, low skilled jobs before illustrating oodles of doodles for RTC.

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  12. Erin Cohen

    Erin Cohen

    Erin is currently finishing her first book with RTC, and regularly contributes to her blog soon to be renamed: Finding Inner Peas.

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  13. David Cohen

    David Cohen

    David began working with Round Table Companies as Director of Publishing and Client Relations. Since then, he has taken on the role his big-picture perspective was made for: COO. He is currently finishing his first book with RTC staff editor Chelsea McCutchin.

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  14. Aleksandra Corwin

    Aleksandra Corwin

    Aleksandra Corwin is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer. She specializes in interviewing smart people on esoteric subjects, and then trying to make sense of it all. She loves being a writer because it allows her to study human connection and communication, and gives her an excuse to be curious and ask questions about all subjects under the sun.

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  15. Mark Cripe

    Mark Cripe

    Mark Cripe is a Marine and a 23 year veteran of the LA County Sheriff's Department. He has been recognized by the State Senate, US Congress and the Governor of California for his work in juvenile intervention. He is currently finalizing his first book with RTC, Love Loudly.

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  16. Melanie Cripe

    Melanie Cripe

    Melanie Cripe, RN-C has been a nurse for over 25 years, most recently focusing her work on the newest members of our world, the NICU patients. The love and care that she gives to the babies is only surpassed by the guidance and compassion that she shares with the parents of those babies.

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  17. Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald

    Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald

    As the middle of three girls, Francesca learned important survival lessons at a young age: keep a watchful eye for food thieves, a kungfoo grip on your wardrobe, and if you want a good story, listen carefully through the walls. 

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  18. Lori Darley

    Lori Darley

    Lori’s unique style uses her knowledge and experience of physical training to help leaders embody their visions and realize their dreams.

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  19. Pamela DeLoatch

    Pamela DeLoatch

    Pamela is a treasured staff editor for RTC who has contributed to nearly a dozen books including Classroom Heroes, Not Your Mother's Hysterectomy, Chasing Hope, and an entire slate of books in production.

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  20. Sunny DiMartino

    Sunny DiMartino

    Sunny DiMartino is an RTC Designer with an appreciation for the beautiful. 

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  21. Bob Frost

    Bob Frost

    Bob Frost, a staff writer for Round Table Companies, has written hundreds of articles for many publications over the years, including cover stories about major Silicon Valley companies, profiles of significant historical figures (Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Malcolm X, etc.), and studies of health and consciousness. 

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  22. Paul Glover

    Paul Glover

    In 1992, after a thirty-year career as a labor/employment law attorney and union leader, Paul Glover founded The Glover Group, a Management Consulting firm dedicated to assisting Companies survive the WorkQuake of the Knowledge Economy by improving workplace performance. 

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  23. Katie Gutierrez

    Katie Gutierrez

    Katie Gutierrez is the Executive Editor for Round Table Companies. In addition to developing more than 50 RTC books to date, she has co-written numerous titles with RTC, including"#JUMP", and four books in the ORP Library including "Meltdown" and the companion comic "Melting Down", and "An Unlikely Trust" and the comic "Alina's Story".

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  24. David Haase

    David Haase

    Dr. Haase, the founder and medical director of the MaxWell Clinic for Proactive Medicine, is committed to finding and addressing the complex interacting underlying causes of disease and dysfunction. 

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  25. Delivering Happiness

    Delivering Happiness

    At Delivering Happiness we use science, academics, and real-world best practices to help you make happiness the core of your business model and the driving force behind your personal passions.

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  26. Angelica Harris

    Angelica Harris

    Angelica has written her memoir entitled LIVING WITH RAGE—A Quest for Solace. In it she chronicles her own story and reaches out to her readers, encouraging them to unleash their inner power in the face of abuse. Angelica runs the non-profit Excalibur Reading Program and the Unicorn Project-Ravens Hope from her new center in Glendale, NY.

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  27. Heather Haynes

    Heather Haynes

    Heather is a graduate of Ohio University's School of Visual Communication, where she earned her MA in Photojournalism & Multimedia. Now in Baltimore, Heather works as a Multimedia Developer and uses her talents at RTC to share our messages of love in a visually stunning way!

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  28. Jo Hilder

    Jo Hilder

    Jo Hilder is a writer, blogger, cancer and self-publishing coach, program facilitator, speaker, itinerant dreamer and a believer in people. She writes on spirituality and faith with passion, authenticity and vulnerability, sharing the story of her cancer journey and thrivership.

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  29. Joy Huber

    Joy Huber

    When Joy Huber was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, she chose to face her cancer diagnosis with a positive attitude, especially while enduring the physical and emotional hardships that come with cancer treatment including surgeries and chemotherapy. She discovered cancer doesn’t have to steal your happiness, and she’ll help you face “Cancer with Joy” as your personal guide!

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  30. Devin C. Hughes

    Devin C. Hughes

    Devin C. Hughes is a former college basketball player, award winning speaker, and the author of the book "Contrast" and the comic "Self Talk". 

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  31. Jim Jacoby

    Jim Jacoby

    Formerly an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University and the Founding Partner at Manifest Digital, Jim Jacoby has recently launched The ADMCi School for Digital Craftsmanship. He is working on his first book with RTC. 

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  32. Tom Lotrecchiano and Joe Schmidt

    Tom Lotrecchiano and Joe Schmidt

    Tom Lotrecchiano and Joe Schmidt's flagship company, Canvas on Demand, was selected as an Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year finalist before they sold it. They are currently finishing their first book with RTC called EntreMANUREship

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  33. Yolanda Knight

    Yolanda Knight

    With a background in medical scheduling and office management, Yolanda helps to keep everyone on time and on the right page. Having fought an uphill battle with her health for most of her life, Yolanda's journey to wellness makes her a perfect fit for the Just Be Well movement. She works closely with Dr.Tom Sult and his team to send the message of health and wellness out into the world. 

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  34. Dr. Lynn Kowalski

    Dr. Lynn Kowalski

    Dr. Lynn Kowalski is a gynecologic oncologist practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1998. She has performed thousands of hysterectomies with a special interest in minimally invasive surgery. With her extensive training and experience in the many approaches to hysterectomy, she is uniquely qualified to counsel patients about their options. She approaches her practice of gynecologic oncology with compassion and expertise. She has also participated in the training of many young gynecologic surgeons to build a foundation for future leaders in the field. for more information, visit

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  35. Happy Living

    Happy Living

    Happy Living is a magnificent journey — an adventure filled with triumph, defeat, mystery, and magic. We know this because we live it and study it. We practice Happy Living every day and collect ideas to share along the way. 

    We are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time

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  36. Doug Luffborough

    Doug Luffborough

    Doug serves as Chief Managing Consultant and School Board President with the Turning the Hearts Center and the Chula Vista Elementary School District. His book Homeless to Harvard is due out for release between the summer and fall of 2014.

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  37. Joyce Marter

    Joyce Marter

    Joyce Marter, LCPC is founder and CEO of Urban Balance. Named to Crain's Chicago Business' "40 Under 40" List of 2010, she is currently writing her book The Psychology of Success with RTC.

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  38. Kathy Masculino

    Kathy Masculino

    When Kathy's teenage son started down a path of self destruction, her faith was put to the test. Kathy reached out to others for new knowledge, insights and parenting skills to turn her family around. As a result, she now facilitates parent support groups to share the same support, knowledge and confidence she received that gave her family hope and new direction. Kathy Masculino has a BA in Psychology and is a certified parenting facilitator.

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  39. Lisa Masters

    Lisa Masters

    Lisa Masters is an advocate for breast cancer survivors and wishes to reach out to those who have not had success with reconstruction and offer hope. Her book, “Build-A-Boob” is an inspiration to those who look at “life after the cure” and offers hope to millions of women. For more information about Lisa and her cause, visit

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  40. Chelsea McCutchin

    Chelsea McCutchin

    Chelsea McCutchin is the co-author of two amazing books on Autism in the ORP Library series: Incredible Adam and Mr. Incredible

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  41. Keli McNeill

    Keli McNeill

    Before becoming a stay at home mom to an adorable, funny, and smart 5 year old and 1 year old triplets, Keli was an English teacher for grades 7-12. That job prepared her for dealing with every sort of person or event that could happen at any given time. Keli has a BS in English education from Appalachian State University, and is already moving mountains here for us at RTC.

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  42. Scott Miller

    Scott Miller

    Scott Miller used the collaboration of science, love, and energy to overcome the stage 4 cancer he was diagnosed with in 2009. He is currently writing his first book, Love Cancer, with RTC.

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  43. Elana Miller

    Elana Miller

    Elana Miller is a psychiatrist based out of Los Angeles, California. She writes, she surfs, she meditates, and she plays ukulele. Elana is passionate about integrating western medicine, eastern philosophy, and holistic approaches to help people live richer and fuller lives. You can learn more about her on her website, Zen Psychiatry.

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  44. Christian Panneck

    Christian Panneck

    Christian joined the RTC team in the Spring of 2013, serving as Author Services Advocate to help spread our authors’ messages near and far. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and a Master of Education degree in Higher Education, both from Vanderbilt University. 

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  45. Analee G. Paz

    Analee G. Paz

    Analee lives on the border between Mexico and Texas, so if you guessed she's bilinguial you'd be corecto! Whether she’s traveling, watching documentaries, playing with her puppy (aptly named Van Gogh), going to concerts, or trying out a new recipe, she is always looking for creative ways to document life.

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  46. Veronica Porter

    Veronica Porter

    "From the garden to the table, from the classroom to the community."  

    Veronica Porter, Chef, Café Owner and Organic Farmer, 2014

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  47. Chris Powers

    Chris Powers

     A former Navy Master Chief, Chris proudly served for twenty-three years in the United States Navy Nuclear Submarine Force as a Training Facilitator for the Naval Nuclear Power School. When he isn’t lighting up a workshop or training session, Chris can be found working on his first book with his beautiful wife, Richelle.

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  48. Richelle Powers

    Richelle Powers

    For over fifteen years, Richelle has led and worked with cross-functional teams across a variety of organizations and industries from Fortune 100 to small start-ups. She is currently working with her husband Chris on their first book, due out in 2014.

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  49. Jessica Puckett

    Jessica Puckett

    A lifelong lover of all things beautiful, Jessica Puckett is a board certified, licensed acupuncturist who also holds a Masters of Science degree. She is the founder of a thriving health clinic in Memphis, TN, and the CEO of Perenelle Beauty. She is the author of The Pearlescent Flame: Living Beautiful.

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  50. Robert Renteria

    Robert Renteria

    Robert has dedicated his life to sharing his story with millions of others so that they, too, can help break the vicious cycle of poverty through hard work, determination and education. He is the author of From the Barrio to the Board Room, the award winning graphic novel Mi Barrio, and the companion coloring book, Little Barrio.

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  51. Amanda Ronan

    Amanda Ronan

    Amanda Ronan is a writer, an editor, an educator and a dreamer. She has her Master's in Education and was a teacher of elementary and middle-school aged children for nearly ten years. While engaged with her work in the classroom, Amanda rediscovered her first love -- writing.

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  52. Leeann Sanders

    Leeann Sanders

    Leeann, who prepares all of RTC's transcriptions for the staff editors, has her hand on the pulse of all of RTC's authors. She's quietly listening and then firing off thoughts and ideas to our many staff, inspiring the work we're doing together.

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  53. Alesia Shute

    Alesia Shute

    Alesia Shute has helped raise more than amillion dollars for children's charities. She is the founder of the Alesia Shute Foundation and the author of Everything's Okay and its companion comic book.

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  54. Jeff Sinelli

    Jeff Sinelli

    Jeff Sinelli is the founder of Which Wich in Dallas that now has locations in 38 states and eight countries. The sandwich chain is known for its customizable sandwiches, creative ordering system and personalized sandwich bag. He is writing his first book with RTC. 

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  55. Herpreet Singh

    Herpreet Singh

    Herpreet is a writer and journeyer. She’s worked in publishing, as an educator, and as a rural and urban planner. These professions always find a way into her life and writing. When she travels, it’s with an idea and a map; the rest gets sorted out along the way

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  56. Dr. Thomas Sult

    Dr. Thomas Sult

    Tom Sult is a medical doctor, medical educator, inspirational speaker and the author of "Just Be Well: A Book For Seekers of Vibrant Health".

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  57. Carmen Tarleton

    Carmen Tarleton

    Once a typical wife, mother, and registered nurse, Carmen became the unlikely survivor of a brutal attack in 2007—and an inspiration for anyone whose life has been marred by tragedy. In 2013, she was the recipeint of the 5th full face transplant in the United States. Her first book is titled Overcome.

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  58. Lizzie Vance

    Lizzie Vance

    Lizzie Vance, with her B.A. in Creative Writing and M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition, is a staff editor with RTC, currently supporting authors David Haase, Julie Aragon, Joe Schmidt and Tom Lotrecchiano, and Jeff Sinelli.

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  59. Christine Walker

    Christine Walker

    Prior to becoming a parent, Christine Walker worked with government leaders in Washington, D.C., Illinois and Ohio.  She holds a Masters of Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University and a B.A. in Political Science from Lake Forest College. Her upcoming book titled Chasing Hope will be featured in the ORP Library series of books on disabilities.

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  60. Kristin Westberg

    Kristin Westberg

    Kristin has a Bachelors degree in Human and Organizational Development and a Masters degree in Education Administration (both from Vanderbilt University), and a second Masters degree from Clemson University in Youth Development Leadership. As RTC's Mama Bear and Director of Operations, she project manages our book development process, coordinates community content, cares for our staff, and heads up curriculum creation for our authors.

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  61. Caroline Winegeart

    Caroline Winegeart

    Caroline is a designer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed happiness hunter with a passion for helping creatives become their best, most vibrant selves. She delights in creating authentic, unique branding and design work through her studio, Made Vibrant, and writes about personal development for soulful creatives through her blog of the same name. 

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  62. Kathy Young

    Kathy Young

    Kathy Young has taught students with learning disabilities for decades. She is the author of KidTips-Study Strategies for Students With Learning Differences and Smart on the Inside-A True Story About Succeeding in Spite of Learning Disabilities

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  63. Kristofer Young

    Kristofer Young

    Dr. Young graduated summa cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1982, and opened Ventura Chiropractic & Massage in Ventura, CA in 1983. In the fall of 1999 he completed Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) in Gig Harbor, Washington.

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