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Alesia Shute was born in Philadelphia from a hard working family, and grew up in the Northeast with a dad who worked two jobs and a mom who stayed home with the kids. Alesia dreamed of being a fashion model most of her life, but her height kept her from fully following through. She thought about being a nurse, with her natural compassion for people, but her untimely illness at the age of 7 and subsequent six major surgeries, multiple minor surgeries and long hospital stays made her rethink that career.

In between all of her surgeries, Alesia met her husband, Cliff, whom she has been married to for 25 years. Together they have worked in the nightclub and restaurant business for their entire relationship, balancing marriage and work; crazy-all-night, sleep-all-day work! She helped to raise his daughter, raise their son, and many, many dogs together. They now have two grandchildren from his daughter who give her more love than she could ask for.

Alesia is the proud recipient of the “Good Neighbor Award” for her work on fundraising for a local playground, and she and her husband are active donators to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. ‘Pediatric Aids Research’ is their favorite cause and together they have used their nightclubs as foundations to help raise money to aid the research department and its leading scientist Dr. Steven Douglas in increasing the size of the labs and pursuing many breakthroughs over the past 30 years in Aids Research.

They have used their businesses to hold carnivals and auctions to help families with sick children to pay the bills. Alesia was the president of the Timmy’s Regatta Foundation for 10 years and She and Cliff still donate to Ronald McDonald House in Camden New Jersey, as well as to local charities that encourage neighborhood children to participate in sports. she is the founder of the Alesia Shute Foundation. Together, with her husband, she has raised more than amillion dollars for children's charities.

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