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Amanda Ronan

Amanda Ronan is a writer, an editor, an educator and a dreamer. She grew up in in the snow, went to college in the desert, taught elementary school in the city and now lives among wildflowers (that's Maine to Arizona to Los Angeles to Austin for those of you playing along at home).  Amanda is an unyielding optimist and always tries to see the good in humanity. She does not, however, see the good in humidity or cabbage. 

Amanda has her Master's in Education and was a teacher of elementary and middle-school aged children for nearly ten years. While engaged with her work in the classroom, Amanda rediscovered her first love -- writing. Teaching writing, through the exploration and practice of developing her own craft, proved to be such an incredible experience, she decided to make writing her one true thing and has been pursuing the opportunity to write whenever and wherever possible. She especially interested in researching and writing about contemporary civil rights and social justice issues, and topics important to young adults. When not reading or writing, Amanda can be found experimenting with gluten-free baking, scouring thrift stores for vintage jewelry, playing in puddles, and exploring the great city of Austin with her sweetheart and their two dogs (because in Austin dogs are welcome everywhere). 

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