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Angelica Harris was born in New York City into a diverse European family. With her love of writing ignited in high school, she majored in liberal arts and theatre at Hunter College. Harris interned at the Roundabout Theatre on Broadway in New York City and acted in community theatre, followed by a stint on the sci-soap Dark Shadows. Her passion for medieval history led her to write three Arthurian Lore novels. In addition to the novels and dozens of articles and short stories, Angelica has written her latest novel, a memoir entitled LIVING WITH RAGE—Quest for Solace (Round Table Companies, 2011). In it she chronicles her own story and reaches out to her readers, encouraging them to unleash their inner power in the face of abuse. Angelica runs the non-profit Excalibur Reading Program and the Unicorn Project-Ravens Hope from her new center in Glendale, NY, instilling a love of reading, a joy for reading, in all the children attending and a place for families who have been victims of abuse to get guidance and support that they may need.

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