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Bob Frost

Bob Frost is a staff writer for Round Table Companies. Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, he’s a graduate of Brown University, where he studied history and literature.

His first job in newspapers was with The Crookston Daily Times in northwestern Minnesota, where he wrote about everything in town – courts, schools, the city council, crops, migrant laborers, festivals, and the time his car got stuck on a railroad line between Crookston and Duluth in the middle of the night in January (everything turned out OK and he got a column out of it).

He wrote for many years for West, the Sunday magazine of The San Jose Mercury News, newspaper of record for Silicon Valley, and also wrote for Biography magazine during its short-but-happy life as a national monthly (’90s to early ’00s).

Bob has had a lot of interesting freelance gigs over the years – writing a daily newsletter for the Minnesota State Fair, copyediting a major book on heart health, and being a pivotal part of Pacific Bell’s massive effort to re-invent itself as a supple and innovative corporation. He traveled the world as editor of shipboard newspapers for the five-star cruise ship company Royal Viking Line. 

Bob struggled from age 8 to his 30s with poor health and clinical depression. He is, today, drawn to people interested in becoming truly healthy, who want to deepen their consciousness and authenticity. He lives in Northern California. 

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