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Chelsea McCutchin

Chelsea McCutchin decided that she would be a writer when she was six after not being allowed to check out chapter books from the school library. For the past twenty-something years, she has aspired to bring both what “is” and what “could be” to life on the page. She brings this objectivity and a genuine love of story to Round Table Companies as a Staff Editor and Interviewer. She is the coauthor of two amazing books on Autism in the ORP Library series: Incredible Adam and Mr. Incredible

Chelsea has a BA in English and Creative Writing from The University of Texas at Austin, where she was fortunate enough to work independently with poet Judith Kroll and take workshops from poet A. Van Jordan. She has since been published both online and in print. And there’s more! She’s worked as a marketing manager, program director, event planner, high school English teacher, and wine taster! (Ok, maybe that last one is just a dream job.)

After living in too many zip codes to list, she is happily back at home in Florida. She enjoys the daily hi-jinks of life with her amazing husband, Matt, and their hilarious son Jackson.

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