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Chris Powers

Chris Powers has never met a stranger. His ability to break down complex ideas and present them in ways that deliver each member of his audience an epiphany comes from a unique understanding of dynamics in the workplace. As the co-founder and director of Creative Understanding, Chris gives his all as a leader in workshops, training sessions, and coaching.

Whether Chris is before an audience of five or five thousand, his knack for giving hard, honest feedback is always well received. His engaging speaking style captivates even the most jaded, and each client comes away from his sessions with a renewed sense of awe in himself and a better sense of using his particular set of gifts to better his company.

With over thirty years of experience, Chris has helped thousands of individuals in a variety of roles, from CEOs to front-line contributors. A former Navy Master Chief, Chris proudly served for twenty-three years in the United States Navy Nuclear Submarine Force as a Training Facilitator for the Naval Nuclear Power School where he was awarded Instructor of the Year for outstanding facilitation and innovative teaching methods, as well as Master Training Specialist by the Chief of Naval Education and Training, and also awarded the Navy Commendation Medal for a one hundred percent success rate in the teaching curriculum. Chris earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science and Technology from Thomas A. Edison State College and a Masters of Business Administration from Webster University.

When he isn’t lighting up a workshop or training session, Chris can be found spending time with his beautiful wife, Richelle, or with his children and grandchildren in Texas. Chris and Richelle are currently working on their first book with RTC, due out in 2014.

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