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David Cohen

David began working with Round Table Companies as Director of Publishing and Client Relations. Since then, he has taken on the role his big-picture perspective was made for: COO.

An award-winning producer, David understands what it takes to actualize a film (and a company!) from all angles. After appearing in dozens of films, commercials, and television shows, David graduated from Rollins College in 2002 with a degree in theatre. Eager to put his entrepreneurial spirit to use, he founded 1421 Productions, producing and co-producing more than 17 films ranging in format from DV to HD to 35mm. He produced Gretchen Brettschneider Skirts Thirty with Elevation 9000 Films, winning the Best Short Film Award at the San Diego Film Festival in 2003, among other awards.

David also launched LA Film Lab Entertainment, a filmmakers’ consortium, with which he developed and produced two original screenplays, formed and taught courses on the business of production and artistry, and directed a documentary for The Make-A-Wish Foundation© of greater Los Angeles as a wish granted for a child; Fox News featured the film’s premiere. Venturing away from the film world in style, his last project was working with Academy- and Emmy Award-nominated director Peter Spirer, producing the documentary Notorious B.I.G. Bigger Than Life, with Rugged Entertainment (released by Image Entertainment [DISK] in September 2007). The same year, David was featured in the book Millennial Leaders as an emerging leader in Generation Y, and had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at the 2007 International Coaching Federation (ICF) conference in Long Beach, CA.

Though it’s David’s big-picture perspective that helps him keep the ship on course, he has no problem applying his eye to everyday details: he’s obsessed with wine (he has spreadsheets), coffee (grinds his own beans every morning) and seeking out really good TV shows. He currently resides in his hometown of Jacksonville, FL, where he and Erin raise their incredible son, Abraham, and two dumb boxers, Bella and Charlie. Oh, and he recently found out he was mildly allergic to bacon. So that's sad. He has replaced that habit with more coffee. 

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