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Dr. Thomas Sult

Tom Sult is a medical doctor, medical educator, inspirational speaker and the author of "Just Be Well: A Book For Seekers of Vibrant Health". Despite all of this education, Tom’s early schooling did not go smoothly. By third grade, he was held back and diagnosed with “Minimal Brain Dysfunction,” now known as dyslexia. By the end of his second year of third grade, he had been bullied and teased and in school fights nearly every day. It wasn’t until the following year that, thanks to a mentor, Tom started understanding that a learning disability (something he now sees as a learning advantage) didn’t mean he was stupid.

In high school, another important mentor introduced Tom to the wilderness. He began rock-, snow-, and ice climbing, mountaineering, white water rafting, kayaking, and sailing, and eventually became a guide, calling the mountains his cathedral. Later, Tom supplemented his guiding income with a seven-year stint as a paramedic in emergency rooms and ambulances.

After being rejected from over forty US medical schools (because his grades, due to dyslexia, didn’t reflect his knowledge), Tom spent a year in acupuncture school and was then accepted at St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada, WI. There, he not only attended medical school but also followed and learned from local healers of the “bush doctor” shaman tradition. This experience fit closely with the Eastern traditions he was exposed to in acupuncture school.

After two years in Grenada, Tom transferred to medical school at UCLA, where he was invited to the home of Norman Cousins, a writer and the head of the psychoneuroimmunology department. Over the next two years, Tom spent as much time as possible at the office of psychoneuroimmunology, as he saw it as the scientific embodiment of the Eastern and shamanistic traditions he had experienced in acupuncture school and in Grenada.

The word doctor means teacher. To Tom, that is the most important definition of what a physician should be. Tom was recognized as the Resident Teacher of the Year as a resident in family medicine and is board-certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine. He is on faculty with the Institute for Functional Medicine, where he has taught hundreds of medical professionals of all disciplines the art of functional medicine. Tom is a contributing author to The Textbook of Functional Medicine and other publications and maintains a private practice in Willmar, MN. Just Be Well is his first book about functional medicine for the non-medical public.

Join Tom's crusade to change the way doctor's treat their patients as For more information on Tom's practice please visit his practice website 3rd Opinion.

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