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Erin Cohen

Erin has a personal mission with Round Table Companies: to uphold the intention of love and balance for both clients and staff. After helping to create the culture of the company, Erin now uses her background in theatre and psychology to help clients to dive deeper into their projects.

Erin graduated from Rollins College in Orlando in 2002 with a Theater Arts degree. Her love of acting inspired her to begin her own children’s theatre program, as well as pursue the life of an actor while working for Warner Home Videos in Los Angeles. Addicted to learning, she soon headed back to school and obtained her Masters degree in School Psychology. Erin spent several years in the L.A. and Orange County School Systems working with children with learning and behavioral challenges. It is her love of detail, creativity, and learning that inspires Erin’s work with Round Table Companies. Each day is another chance to tell someone’s story.

Erin finds immense—and sometimes inappropriate—amounts of joy in being organized and/or cooking a good meal at the end of the day. She enjoys spending time with her incredibly handsome son Abe and participating in the occasional local community theatre production! Her life is full of wonderful friends, fabulous experiences, and houseplants that she is determined not to kill this time.

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