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Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald is a Contributor of

With Love in Writing

Because without heart, words have no meaning.

Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald

As the middle of three girls, Francesca learned important survival lessons at a young age: keep a watchful eye for food thieves, a kungfoo grip on your wardrobe, and if you want a good story, listen carefully through the walls. To this day, she still holds on tightly to both her food and her clothes, but her real efforts go into working to master the skill of listening and writing stories. 

When a few writing projects in college pulled her away from the library and out onto the sidewalks for face-to-face reporting, her true passion revealed itself. She set off to the other corner of campus to pursue her MS in Journalism and sell herself to eleven long months of stalking and hunting some of New York City's most curious characters. While exhaustion is fun and all, it soon became apparent that of the truly outstanding stories, nine out of ten were coming from people that actually wantedto tell them. The opportunity to tell the stories that long to be told is what gets her out of bed each day, into a zombie crawl to the espresso machine, and ready to write. 

Currently living and writing in Rome, and hardly at a loss for inspiring gardens, good wine, and caffeine, Francesca feels her hometown is calling. Northwest Philadelphia, born and raised, Francesca has spent most of her life driving or rowing along the Schuylkill River, saying "water" in a very identifiable way, and being proud to share home turf with Danny Tanner, the very mature Boyz II Men, and "Peeps--Always in Season." (These are actually from Bethlehem, PA, but who's counting). She will be back one day soon. 

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