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Jessica Puckett

A lifelong lover of all things beautiful, Jessica Puckett is a board certified, licensed acupuncturist who also holds a Masters of Science degree. She is the founder of a thriving health clinic in Memphis, TN, where clients enjoy Jessica’s expertise in facial rejuvenation and "aging beautifully" treatments based in traditional Oriental medicine. Jessica is also the CEO of Perenelle Beauty, a luxury natural skincare line, and a partner in Karma Soma, a wellness coaching company seeking to promote self-care worldwide. In addition, she has traveled over the world studying beauty and wellness rituals and is in complete love with herbalism, essential oils, aromatherapy, and perfumes. It is Jessica’s mission to help people define, discover, and embrace their own authentic beauty. Currently, Jessica lives between her native Memphis, TN, and New York City. Her book is called "The Pearlescent Flame: Living Beautiful".

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