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Jo Hilder

Jo Hilder is a writer, blogger, cancer and self-publishing coach, program facilitator, speaker, itinerant dreamer and a believer in people. She writes on spirituality and faith with passion, authenticity and vulnerability, sharing her own story of cancer survival and thrivership. Jo also writes about her family’s journey through addiction, mental illness and financial brokenness to recovery and wholeness, encouraging others to break ties with shame and disempowering narratives through community, connection and storytelling.

Her articles and commentary on various topics from theology to spirituality, motherhood to menopause to marriage equality can be seen on Burnside Writers Collective,, Darkwood Brew, Mamamia, iVillage, BlogHer, The Newcastle Herald and ABC The Drum – Unleashed amongst other nefarious places on the internet.

Jo spoke and wrote for many years about her own cancer experience, cancer supportive care and cancer thrivership, drawing deeply on her own experience as well as professional and volunteer roles with the Cancer Council, NSW.

Jo is a trained Chaplain, and holds a Cert.IV in Pastoral Ministry.

Jo authored and self-published three books – Things Not To Say To Someone Who Has Cancer, Soul Letters for the Cancer Sojourner, and God, You Can Take My Mental Illness – Just Not The Part Where You Speak To Me.

Jo has also co-authored two further books; Under A Sudanese Star with Yai Atem, a South Sudanese refugee now settled in Australia, and The Light At the End Of The Tunnel – How To Beat Cancer with 12 year old Leukaemia Survivor, Jacob Cooper. She is presently co-writing a series of books with fellow author Del Marie McAlister on assisting families dealing with grief and bereavement, and is helping several other writers to self-publish their stories.

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