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Liz Bauman

Liz Bauman graduated from Career Step in 2009 for medical transcription. She never thought she would get to use that degree as the first step in helping RTC’s clients tell their stories! Liz has been transcribing RTC interview calls for several years, which means she gets to work at her own pace on her own time.

Liz’s first job was at McDonald’s when she was 13, which isn’t altogether surprising if you know how much Liz loves potatoes (any kind, fried, mashed, baked, twice-baked…) She calls cooking her hobby and that’s a good thing considering her oldest “baby”, Sam, is 13, Kayla and Kyle are 5-year-old twins, and Chloe, the 3-year old little one, all have veracious appetites. Oh, and a husband named Chris rounds out the bunch at the dining room table. And she's terrified of balloons. 

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