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Mark Cripe is the Movement Leader of

Love Loudly

the answer isn't to talk louder; it's to love loudly

Mark Cripe

Mark Cripe first escaped a dysfunctional and abusive home life through backpacking with the local scouting troop and soon found himself standing on those infamous yellow footprints in San Diego's Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Bootcamp was Mark's second birth and he was meritoriously promoted upon graduation day. He went to college to be a marriage counselor, which evolved into a desire to work with youth within the faith-based community, which then evolved into a focus in education. Together, with his wife (his best friend) Mark has traveled to thirteen countries, was detained in a communist country, and has been homeless for eight months upon their return to the States. A carpenter by trade, Mark soon found employment with the largest Sheriff's Department in the world. It did not take long before Mark's assignments steered him toward delinquency intervention. Mark received the prestigious "Leadership and Communication" award from Toastmaster International and has been recognized by the State Senate, US Congress and the Governor of California for his work in juvenile intervention. His focus has gone from street gangs to child abuse, to delinquency intervention. Mark is now in his 23rd year as a Deputy Sheriff and has worked the last thirteen years in juvenile delinquency intervention. He developed the State certified Juvenile Intervention Instructors course which has trained numerous community based leaders as well as other law enforcement agencies in juvenile intervention. If we can change they way adults think, we will change the way kids behave!

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