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Pamela DeLoatch

Pamela is one of RTC's treasured staff writers, a married mom of four busy teenagers, a slacker housewife, dedicated tennis player, avid reader and fairly obsessed American Idol fan. Having yet to invent a way to Xerox herself, she is typically running 5-10 minutes behind in her life, trying to figure out how to multitask in her minivan. Born in Washington, D.C., she discovered her love for writing and majored in journalism at American University. Unfortunately, however, having a much thinner skin than either Woodward or Bernstein, she put journalism aside and spent many years pursuing other career endeavors she thought made more sense. She first came to North Carolina for graduate school at Duke University and thought: nice place to visit, but way too quiet to live there. But, after living in Illinois for 13 long winters, she understandably developed a true appreciation for all things Carolina. After threatening, coercing and bribing her family to move back to the East Coast, she is happily settled in Cary, NC, working as a freelance writer. Now, she helps thought leaders and businesses tell their stories while legitimately incorporating the occasional “y’all” in her vocabulary, bless her heart. Pamela was the lead writer on ORP's book on bullying, Classroom Heroes, and upcoming releases staff edited by Pamela include Lynn Kowalski's Not Your Mother's Hysterectomy, Christine Walker's Chasing Hope, Mark Cripe's forthcoming title on putting broken families back together, Joshua Kadish and Nicole Mayer's book on life transitioning, Joyce Marter's 2015 release The Psychology of Success and Jim Jacoby's 2015 release on design and human connection.

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