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Richelle Powers

Richelle Powers is in her zone of genius when she’s working to connect with others on a one-on-one basis, or in small groups. Whether she’s engaging with clients through various media, or she’s working with leadership in the back of a room during a training session, Richelle’s ability to instantaneously build trust shines through in her bright smile, and candid, but compassionate feedback. Richelle started her career in Technology Involvement before moving to Human Involvement. As an analyst, trainer, and facilitator, Richelle has led thought sessions in board rooms and back offices at General Electric, Medical Mutual, and National City Bank, just to name a few. For over fifteen years, Richelle has led and worked with cross-functional teams across a variety of organizations and industries from Fortune 100 to small start-ups. Her areas of expertise are communication skills, conflict management, emotional and social intelligence, and team building. Richelle believes in chasing your dreams, and lives each day as a testimony to the power those dreams can hold. When she isn’t working to connect employees through her work, she can be found on her Seafarer, “A Hop and a Skip,” or with one of her five children. She is currently working with her husband Chris on their first book, due out in 2014.

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