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Sunny DiMartino

Sunny has always been a designer. She also has experience in everything from database development, parks and recreation, corporate security, art, environmentally friendly screenprinting, bookkeeping, and more, joining the workforce at age 14. But no matter the job description, her creativity, skills in design, layout, user interfaces, organization, desire to compile knowledge and improve things, and a knack for learning software always shined through, bringing her amazing opportunities along the way. She has extensive background in design and layout and working with typography, and a particular love for book layout, taking great care with digital books as well. 

As a child she was lucky enough to experience her family building a passive solar home, frequently sketched her own floor plans, designed and built things, played in the dirt, had lots of pets, and went to summer school and early-morning drafting club. An introvert to the core, she spent time alone outside feeling connected to the universe, always hoping to find a random lost horse in the woods. Preferably a gorgeous Arabian. While that never happened, she did develop a strong sense of ethics for people, animals, nature, and justice that guide her. 

Sunny joined RTC in mid-2009 when they were looking for someone they didn't know existed—someone who actually loved working with page after page of text. It's been an amazing journey ever since. She is grateful to the company for taking on projects that matter to the world.

She's a practical dreamer. She loves the old Cherry 7-Up commercials that were black and white with select items in pink. Sunlight and skylights, and light patterns on the floor. Slab serifs. Seeing a finished book in print. Paper lanterns and solar power. Fresh air. Warm rain. The sound of trains. The quiet rush of excitement when the wind picks up on an overcast autumn day. Animals. Bamboo. Silos and barns. Brick and old industrial buildings. Discovery. Kayaking. Climbing on things. Metal. Concrete. Music. Heavy beats. Hype. Energy. Dancing. Striped socks. Avocados. Tabouli. Being healthy. The smell of Play-Doh, fingerpaint, and crayons. Teaching a special child. Chaotic, lawful, and neutral good. Honesty. Spontaneity. And oh so many more beautiful things. Also, she may have an addiction to lounge pants.

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