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Toni L Coleman Carter

Toni L. Coleman Carter is the energetic Culture, Inclusion, and Diversity (CID) subject matter expert, and HR consultant, for a global $12.5 billion dollar High Tech Organization. She is a change champion who collaborates with business leaders to create an environment to empower and engage others, to achieve global competitive advantage. She also partners as a consultant to create, develop, and manage the CID initiatives, while increasing inclusion awareness and providing governance for the business councils. She has worked in corporate America for 20 years, and is the former deputy mayor for the Village of Hanover Park. Prior to joining a High Tech Organization, Carter was in the pharmaceutical and food service industries. She worked for K&B (Katz and Besthoff, now Rite Aid) and Phar-Mor Pharmacies as a pharmacy technician; and as a manager for McDonald’s and Taco Bell Corporations.

In April of 2007, Carter was elected as Hanover Park’s first black councilmember. Carter’s position at the Village allowed her to assist with the recruitment, selection, and appointment of department heads and to help create policy operation strategies. During this time, Carter founded the Village’s Cultural Inclusion and Diversity committee, the largest volunteer committee in the Village. After two years of confronting challenging opportunities, she became the Village’s first black deputy mayor.

In her position, Carter created a homeless prevention task force that focused on providing solutions to reduce the impact of the 2008-2010 economic crises, preventing home foreclosures and providing transitional housing for residents. In 2008, she was appointed to Hanover Park’s Crime Prevention Task Force, a team that helped design crime prevention strategies and methodologies for the Village. The same year, Hanover Park named her Inclusion and Diversity Champion, and she received an Outstanding Leadership Award from Motorola’s Women’s Business Council.

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