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Veronica Porter

Veronica Porter grew up in Naperville when it was still considered a small farm town.  She caught the end of an era when you grew, gathered and prepared your own food.  It was a time that you learned from your elders, explored with your friends and followed in the footsteps of time worn traditions. 

Veronica brings these values to modern times and shares her experiences by educating and strategizing for healthy, organic gardening, farm to table food integrity, cooking, preservation and living life in a responsible, sustainable manner.  Her classes range from starting an organic garden, preserving the harvest to making meals with the finest ingredients available with a special focus on dietary restrictions.

"My passion is to create community in all I do, from growing a garden, to preparing a meal, to educating, gathering and enjoying life's harvest."  

To learn more about Veronica, check out her website here.

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