Round Table Companies Community - Around the Table

About the Leading with Love Movement

Powered by vulnerability and fueled by love, the Around the Table "Leading with Love" community is a celebration of the client-authors and artist-staff of Round Table Companies. Our authors share stories that change the world. And our staff of writers, poets, painters, musicians, designers, and illustrators support those clients in actualizing missions that matter. Those include (but are in no way limited to!) revolutionizing health and wellness, protecting our children, advocating for people with special needs, supporting families struggling with illness and transition, learning to love ourselves and each other, and finding purpose and success.

This community is a collaboration of thought leaders and artists--a place for our authors to impart knowledge, wisdom, and passion that can change your life, and a canvas for our artists to share their gifts when they are creatively moved by our authors and their work.

These people change my life every day. Every day. I simply cannot keep them a secret any longer, and so I give them to you.

Join this celebration of life. Stand around the fire and warm yourself with possibility. Breathe in the joy of dreaming. Dance with us, each other, and your most brilliant self. Our mutual energy, kindness, and desire for more are going to power this community. Our demand for change, our belief in the human spirit, and our willingness to dive deeper into the complex mysteries of life are all necessary ingredients for this feast at the table.

So join us. The table has been set, and you're the guest of honor. In fact, we've been waiting for you for so long.

And guess what's on the menu...


Together we are love. Together we are love. Together we are love.