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About the My Story is My Path Movement

The My Story is My Path Community is a collaboration between Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons, management consultant and president of CCS Consulting Inc., and the Round Table Companies storytelling team. The community is based on Cavanaugh-Simmons’ deeply held belief that the stories we tell about ourselves create our destinies—for good or ill.

“Words are worlds,” Cavanaugh-Simmons says. “Every single word that we use is a world that we live in.”

Cavanaugh-Simmons has dedicated her professional life to helping executives and high-potential women and minority executive candidates discover, write, and re-author their stories to position them and their organizations for growth and success. This community is an outgrowth of that work, and an opportunity to bring the benefits of Cavanaugh-Simmons’ decades of research and practical experience to a broader audience.

To create these articles and educational resources, RTC conducted countless intensive interviews with Cavanaugh-Simmons and performed extensive independent research. The team also adapted some of the resources Cavanaugh-Simmons uses in her work with clients to help them discover and own their stories.

Thank you for being part of our community, and please come by often as we continue to grow the number of available articles and resources.