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The ORP Library

Resources for Parents, Educators, Pediatricians, and Mental Health Professionals.

About the The ORP Library Movement

The ORP Library is the result of heartfelt collaboration between numerous people: the staff of ORP, including the CEO, executive director, psychologists, clinical coordinators, teachers, and more; the families of children with disabilities served by ORP, including some of the children themselves; and the Round Table Companies (RTC) storytelling team. To create these books, articles, podcasts, videos, and educational resources, RTC conducted hundreds of intensive, intimate interviews over a period of years and performed independent research in order to truthfully and accurately depict the lives of these families. We are grateful to all those who donated their time in support of this message, generously sharing their experience, wisdom, and—most importantly—their stories so that these resources ring true. While most of these stories are fictional and not based on any one family or child, we could not have envisioned the world through their eyes without the access we were so lovingly given. It is our hope that in reading these uniquely personal pieces, you feel the spirit of everyone who contributed to their creation.